How to Improve Sleep for Children

Enough sleep is healthy to child. It seasons one’s day excitement because one feels relaxed and very fresh. However, recent research has shown that a very big percentage of children have the lack of sleep related problem. For the school children, it has become very hard for hem to have a lengthy concentration in school. The consequences of this is poor academic progress because the pupil misses a big part of the lesson content. The problem of lack of sleep in children continues to be mystifying as the day’s progress. Here is a quick scan of issues which have led to this as well as suggestions of how this problem can be mitigated.

First are the effects of the current technology. Ask any modern child which game he or she likes most and a big percentage will cite popular computer games and other software supported games. They are just addicts of animation programs as well as movies. Why say this? Computer screen emits rays which are not very friendly to the functioning of the brain, the brain remains being active even when the young adult is asleep. Ensure that you have minimized the amount of time which your child has access to these gadgets, and more so switch them off like 45 minutes before they retire to bed. This makes him or she get quickly bored with adult family discussions or tasks and just retires to bed willingly feeling very exhausted. With this, you will not keep on pestering you child to go to sleep, when the gadgets go off, his or her mind will also be alerted that it is time to sleep.

Parents are also too busy even to notice that their kids have sleeping issues. Some adults have no time for their kids at all. Children miss their parents who are barely available from Monday to Sunday. Do not just be the provider, have time with your daughter or son, play or talk with him or her as this gets them away from “automatic” life, kiss them a good night as well.

If you closely check the current child life, it has become very dull. Schools have no space for playgrounds, lessons in some curriculums don’t offer enough time for the kids to play. They lead a dull life because of lack of time and space to play. No exercise at all; in the morning they just walk to the gate, get picked and dropped, and the same happens in the nightfall. Boarding schools too do not create time for their pupils to play. It’s advisable for your child to have enough physical exercise as well as proper diet.

Let the child eat some hours before bedtime.

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